PhenQ Side Effects

Taking supplements can be off putting especially if you’ve heard about various side effects they may cause. PhenQ is no different and many people may be concerned over the side effects they could experience when taking PhenQ’s fat burning supplement. Let’s discuss the potential PhenQ side effects in more detail.

PhenQ Bottle

What PhenQ Side Effects Should I Be Aware Of?

PhenQ is a food supplement and is made of natural ingredients only. You can learn more about the ingredients and how they work in our PhenQ ingredients review. Due to the nature of the ingredients PhenQ doesn’t actually have any side effects! It’s completely safe to use. If you have any allergies then you should review the ingredients of PhenQ. Should there be any ingredients which you are allergic to do not take the supplement. Firstly ensure you consult your doctor before consuming.

However, PhenQ works to naturally suppress appetite using natural ingredients, so there is no likelihood of side effects. To date there have been no reports of side effects from existing customers either. So you can rest assure that PhenQ is a safe aid to your weight loss goals.

If you do have any existing health problems, you are pregnant or undergoing any form of medical treatment. It is strongly advised that you seek medical advice before taking PhenQ.


Can I Take PhenQ Alongside Other Medication?

As mentioned PhenQ is completely natural, so there are no known reasons why you can’t take this supplement alongside other medication. As PhenQ will help you burn fat and reduce cravings, should you have any concerns about taking the supplement alongside other treatment or medication, always consult your doctor beforehand.


Will PhenQ Interfere With Oral Contraceptive?

No, PhenQ will not interfere with oral contraceptive medicine, as it is completely natural. You can continue taking your contraceptive pill whilst using PhenQ to aid weight loss without any concerns of it stopping your contraceptive pill from doing its job.


Who Shouldn’t Take PhenQ?

If you are under the age of 18, breastfeeding or pregnant then it is strongly advised that you do not take PhenQ. PhenQ is safe and effective for both men and women to consume and can aid the fat burning and weight loss process for both genders. Any pre existing medical concerns should be discussed with your doctor before consuming PhenQ.

If you have any further concerns about the product you should always consult your doctor. You can chat to the PhenQ support team via the website if you have further questions about the supplement. Don’t forget to check out our full PhenQ review here.