11 Female Fitness Models To Follow On Instagram

Female fitness model

In recent years fitness has become more and more important for women, not just for health reasons but for female empowerment. Being strong is sexy! Modeling is no longer strictly for stick thin girls and female fitness modelling is taking the world by storm. Whilst some may feel muscles on a woman is too much, it doesn’t necessarily need to be to the extreme’s of bodybuilding. Training to get toned and well defined muscles takes serious dedication and a lot of hard work.

In this post we take a look at some of the most impressive female fitness models in the world. Not only are they an inspiration to anyone looking to improve their health and lifestyle, a lot of these women have also made a career from it. Whilst they may plaster their Instagram with envious photo’s of their flawless bodies, they are also here to teach others how to achieve the same goals.

Let us know who inspires you to reach your health and lifestyle goals in the comments below!

Michelle Lewin


Michelle Lewin originates from Venezuela but now lives in South Florida. She is a bodybuilder and fitness model and has grown her fanbase immensely, thanks to the power of social media. Michelle has featured on over 30 magazine covers and is instantly recognisable for her fitness and modelling achievements. She also has her own product range available including a diet plan, supplements and workout clothing.

Svetlana Bilyalova

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Russian model Svetlana started her journey on social media. Posting funny videos on vine she managed to grow a sizeable following, this then moved on to Instagram where he posts became a bit more risque. After moving to the US, she quickly gained fame as a model and has also starred in the ‘low life’ music video for The Weeknd.

Alice Matos


Alice Matos is a Brazilian bodybuilder and her career grew from her passion for sports. She became a personal trainer and whilst working towards her own fitness goals she realised she was competition ready, despite not intending to get that lean. From there she began competing and now follows a strict diet and exercise regime to maintain her impressive female fitness model physique.

Jenna Renee Webb


Florida born Jenna Renee Webb is particularly well known for her ex marriage to UFC fighter, Travis Brown. She was the first female to be featured on the magazine cover of Maximum Fitness and has since been published on the cover of several other fitness magazines. She has also been an ambassador for sports companies including Schiek Sports and MuscleTech.

Tana Ashlee



Tana is an online personal trainer and has grown an incredible customer base with her fitness training services. She is devoted to women’s fitness and only works with female clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. She has over 1.4 million followers on her Instagram and she certainly helps to motivate her clients by flaunting her own success, check out those abs!

Lais Deleon


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Lais is a fitness and lifestyle coach offering workout and nutrition advice to her clients. She also blogs about her own fitness journey to help motivate others. She has just shy of 1 million followers on her Instagram and the Brazilian female fitness model is enough to motivate anyone into getting fit!

Sendi Skopljak


Female fitness model and Swedish blogger Sendi Skopljak is an advocate of fashion, travel and fitness. With 732K followers, her Instagram is a sea of pretty pictures flaunting her envious lifestyle.

Cally Clarice


Cally is a fitness competitor and with those abs you can see why! Due to give birth in July 2018, she is currently pregnant with her first daughter. She looks incredible and her bump is still super toned! She is keen to get her body back into shape post baby and will be sharing her progress with her 200K followers on Instagram! Being a female fitness model by no means stops you from being a mother and it’s amazing to see someone so in shape whilst going through this amazing time in their life!

Meredith Mack


Female fitness model, Meredith started training for her first bodybuilding competition in 2009. She follows a strict workout and nutrition regime to keep herself in shape. She has grown her Instagram following to over 200K and it’s clear to see why from her impressive catalogue of images showing off her strength, flexibility and amazing abs!

Paige Hathaway


Paige is a personal trainer and runs her own online company helping others get fit. She has an impressive backlog of testimonial images from her clients as well as her own portfolio if jaw dropping photos. She has an incredible following of over 4 million on Instagram and has all the motivation you could need to kick your own butt into action!

Caitlin Rice



Starting her career in the fashion industry, Caitlin felt a lot of pressure to stay thin. Her diet was terrible and she became malnourished. This led her to focus on a healthier lifestyle and getting FIT. She now runs her own online fitness company where she tailors diet plans for her clients. She has over 1.4 million followers on her Instagram and it’s no surprise when you see her backlog of pics!


Our top 11 female fitness models are a pretty impressive bunch of inspiring ladies huh?! Are you looking for guidance and support to build muscle and get strong? Take a look at our review of Crazy Bulk supplements, designed to help women cut, tone and strengthen.

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