10 Genius Beauty Hacks You Need To Know About

genius beauty hacks

Genius Beauty Hacks

genius beauty hacks

Maintaining a strict beauty regime can be time consuming. Having all of the necessary tools to acheive the desired results can be a chore in itself. We literally spend thousands of dollars year on year on endless products and tools to ensure we look our best. But what about if you could acheive your beauty goals using everyday household items? Check out our 10 genius beauty hacks to find out what handy accoutrements are lying around your house! Let us know your fave beauty hack in the comments below!

Genius Beauty Hack #1 – Whiten Teeth With Bicarbonate of Soda

genius beauty hack teeth whitening

Not sure you want to splash several hundred dollars on getting your teeth laser whitened? Nor us! Instead, why not try brushing your teeth with bicarbonate of soda and see your teeth dazzle in an instant! The properties in bicarbonate of soda help to remove stubborn stains from your teeth. So if you drink a lot of coffee, red wine or smoke and have prominent yellow stains, this could be the quick fix you’re looking for! However, baking soda doesn’t contain floride, which is essential for maintining strong teeth, so you should still brush with regular toothpaste too.

Genius Beauty Hack #2 – Get Rid of Zits Using Toothpaste

genius beauty hack spots

Stress, hormones, pollution, there are many reasons we have breakouts. There are thousands of products on the drugstore shelves to help reduce redness and get rid of your zits. But, rather than splashing out on a whole new range of beauty products, why not give toothpaste a go! Toothpaste has antibacterial properties, which is how it helps to get rid of your zits. By drawing out the oil in the spot, toothpaste will dry up the spot, reduce redness and help to get rid altogether. It’s worth following your normal beauty regime too, and keep your skin well moisturised. Regular use of toothpaste can cause your skin to become dry, afterall it is designed to protect tooth enamel!

Genius Beauty Hack #3 – Soother Chapped Lips With Sugar and Honey

genius beauty hack chapped lips

Dry lips are irritating, sore and look pretty painful! It’s important to pay attention to your lips as much as the rest of your face. The skin is very delicate but is used a lot throughout the day, talking, eating, applying lipstick. All of this action can make your lips dry and chapped, whilst you should definitely ensure you drink plenty of water to rehydrate you can also exfoliate. Try mixing together a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of honey. Rub the mixture across your lips in a circular motion to gently exfoliate the dead skin. Then wipe with a warm damp cloth and apply a lip balm to soother.

Genius Beauty Hack #4 – Get Rid of Split Ends By Washing Your Hair in Beer

genius beauty hack hair

Okay so I know what you’re thinking…Beer + hair = ?!?!?! Well, if you’re suffering with split ends, you might just want to read on! The malt and hops in beer contain lots of protein as well as B vitamins which are perfect for repairing damaged hair. Pour beer into a spray bottle and spray liberally to your hair, focusing on the ends. Then rinse thoroughly with shampoo to get rid of the boozey smell! As a result you will have shiny, soft hair and no more split ends.

Genius Beauty Hack #5 – Fix Your Brows in Place With Hairspray and a Toothbrush

genius beauty hack eyes

If you’ve run out of spoolies and brow product then do not fear! You may have the perfect DIY solution lying around at home. Now we’d recommend using a new/clean toothbrush and put it aside for emergency brow maintanence only. Your toothbrush is perfect for gently grooming your brow hairs and simply fix in place with some hairspray! You should cover your eyes with your hand or a piece of paper to avoid getting spray in your eyes and irritating them. Hold the can around 15cm away from your forehead and spray a light dusting over your brows to set them in place.

Genius Beauty Hack #6 – Clean Your Makeup Brushes With Baby Shampoo

genius beauty hack brushes

Brush cleanser is yet another product on your never ending list of beauty must haves. But, instead of paying over the odds for a bottle of special brush cleanser, why not just use shampoo? Inparticular baby shampoo because it is gentle and chemical free. Add a drop of baby shampoo to a glass of warm water and leave your brushes to soak for around 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water to remove the suds, then cold water to fully clean. Pat the brushes dry with a towel and you’re good to go!

Genius Beauty Hack #7 – Fix Broken Powders and Shadows Using Rubbing Alcohol

genius beauty hack makeup

There’s nothing more gutting than opening your fav palette to find your expenses shadows crumbled to dust! But that doesn’t need to be the end of your favourite pigments and you can bring them back to life. Firstly, crush the rest of the shadow into a fine dust then add a few drops of rubbing alcohol. This will help to bond the powder back together into a solid shadow. Wrap a coin in a cloth and use this to add pressure to the powder and reform its original shape in the palette. Firmly press into the pan to secure and set the powder and voila, good as new!

Genius Beauty Hack #8 – Reduce Signs of Ageing By Ditching The Face Powder

genius beauty hack age

As you get older you should also adopt new makeup techniques to best compliment and enhance your features. What suits a 20 something year old might not be right if you’re in your 50’s and vice versa. Cool tones and light contouring are much more flattering on more mature skin. One product to avoid as you get older is face powder. Whilst it’s great for baking on young, wrinkle free skin, as you age the powder will sit in your creases and make them appear darker. In turn this draws more focus to those areas and can make you look older!

Genius Beauty Hack #9 – DIY Facemasks Using Ingredients From Your Kitchen Cupboards

genius beauty hack facemask

Did you know you can make your own facemasks that work just as well, using ingredients from your kitchen? Instead of splashing out on facemask packs why not whip up a quick mask at home. If you have natural yogurht, honey, coffee and a variety of other everyday food items, then there are many masks to try! Check out our article on DIY Skin Remedies for full recipes on lots of face masks!

Genius Beauty Hack #10 – Get Super Soft, Long Hair By Washing With Aloe Vera

genius beauty hack hair

Tired of dull, dry hair? If you’re looking for a major hair pick me up then why not try washing it with aloe vera? Aloe vera is widely used for many beauty treatments and is a great way to replenish your hair and make it super shiny and soft. It will also help your hair grow much quicker, so if you’re having trouble growing luscious lockes, aloe vera might be the answer for you! Aloe vera contains similar properities to keratin, which is used in many hair products. It helps to maintain moisture by retaining water and gives your hair the healthy boost it needs.

What Are Your Favourite Beauty Hacks?!

Let us know what beauty hacks you love the most and some more of your own by commenting in the box below!

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