Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Your Diet

healthy breakfast smoothie

Did your parents ever tell you that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Yet let’s be honest it’s the easiest to skip! Breakfast often consists of a cup of coffee, the first unhealthy snack you can get your hands on in a hurry or plain old nothing. But it’s true, breakfast is an important meal and it will set you up for the day. So in this post we want to share some of our fave healthy breakfast ideas. Whether you’re time poor, a fussy eater or just not sure what options are healthy, we’re here to help.

It has to be said that many breakfast foods including lots of cereals are misleadingly unhealthy. You’d assume a bowl of cereal is a good way to start the day, until you check the sugar contents that is! Knowing what’s healthy and what could easily lead you to gaining a few extra pounds can be confusing. Below are our top tips for finding healthy breakfast options and some tasty recipe ideas too!

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healthy breakfast omelette

Eggs are a great source of protein and the perfect option for a healthy breakfast. The fantastic thing about eggs is that they are so versatile. You could eat eggs for breakfast every day of the week without getting bored! Whether you make an omelette, boil, poach or scramble them, there’s lots of tasty ways to change up your breakfast using the same key ingredient.

Try adding spinach, tomatoes and red onion to an omelette for a jam packed protein rich breakfast. This is a great way to sneak in a few veggies early on in the day and it tastes great too!

Peanut Butter

healthy breakfast peanut butter

Peanut butter can be a good substitute for sugary treats whether it’s a mid morning snack or breakfast itself. Whilst you don’t want to shovel this down, in small doses peanut butter can enhance the flavour of your meal and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Try spreading a thin layer on a slice of wholemeal toast.


healthy breakfast smoothie

If you don’t have much time in a morning then smoothies are a fantastic healthy breakfast choice for you. If you’re really stretched for time you can even prep your smoothie the night before and chill overnight. This way you can grab your smoothie on the way out the door and breakfast is sorted! Smoothies are also a great way of sneaking in good nutrients from ingredients perhaps you don’t like. For example you could whizz up some spinach in your smoothie, throw in a banana, natural yoghurt and oats and you won’t even taste it!

You can pack your smoothie full of fruit, veg, milk or yoghurt and oats. Whilst it’s only a drink, a smoothie will fill you up and keep you going right through to lunch. Adding oats to your drink will allow energy to be released slower and keeping you fuller for longer. For added convenience you can even use frozen fruit to make your smoothie, so you can buy in bulk to save some dollars too!


healthy breakfast cereal

When it comes to choosing a cereal, opt for a bigger flake. It’s recommended you have around an ounce of cereal which is a lot less than you’d expect. Smaller flakes are more dense and as you fill up your bowl it’s much easier to overeat and in turn consume more calories and sugars.

You should also spend some time comparing the nutrition guidelines on each cereal. Those sugary flakes and chocolate puffs you love so much may be tasty but we bet the sugar contents will shock you!

For a healthier spin why not try switching to skimmed milk or try a plant-based alternative such as soy or almond milk.

Oat Bran

healthy breakfast muffins

Sounds pretty boring huh? But, oat bran is packed full of fibre and fibre keeps you fuller for longer. So, it may not be the most exciting of breakfasts, but it will keep you full until lunch and help curb those mid-morning cravings for a sugary snack!

Why not make a batch of oat bran muffins, quick and easy if you’re on the go. Bake over the weekend and grab a muffin or two on your way out the door. Check out Allrecipes’ oat bran muffins here.

Top Tips For A Healthier Breakfast

Bigger is better!

Opt for a larger breakfast full of protein and fibre to keep you fuller for longer and to give you an early boost of energy to get your day off to a great start.

Preparation is key.

If possible, prepare your food the night before so you’ve no excuses for missing breakfast the next day, even if you’re running late. Even if your food can’t be prepared, get your utensils set out ready for the morning so you can get cooking straight away!

Protein will keep you fuller.

Protein helps to fill you up and curb cravings mid-morning. Try adding some baked beans along side 3 scrambled eggs for tasty, protein-packed and healthy breakfast.

Mix it up!

Eating the same bland breakfast day in day out gets boring! Try mixing things up with a muffin on Monday, peanut butter on toast Tuesday, smoothie Wednesday, cereal Thursday and treat yourself to a cooked breakfast Friday.

Don’t skip breakfast!

An unhealthy breakfast also includes a non-existent breakfast. As mentioned breakfast is the most important meal and will set you up for the day ahead! Make sure you eat something, big or small and be conscious of the sugar and fat content of your breakfast.

Your Healthy Breakfast Tips

It’s over to you now, share your favourite healthy breakfast recipes in the comments below. Do you have any top tips for eating a healthier breakfast or how to avoid skipping your first meal? Let us know!

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