Kim Kardashian’s Beauty Evolution

Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2018

We all know who Kim Kardashian West is and over recent years her fan base has grown immensely. We have pulled together some of our favourite makeup looks to show you Kim Kardashian’s beauty evolution over the past 13 years! Let us know your fave look in the comments at the end of the post!

So in a nutshell, just who is Kim Kardashian West and why should we care about her beauty evolution?! Kim has built an empire and over the years made a tone of money from her clothing store Dash, her makeup line KKW beauty, her own app and not to mention the TV series that follows the lives of the Kardashian clan which we’re all guilty of binge-watching! Her super famous rapper husband Kanye West has also made his millions so the power couple are doing pretty well for themselves. Having married in 2014, the pair now have 3 children North, Saint and Chicago.

Kim Kardashian’s Beauty Evolution 2005 to Now

So where did it all start? Back in the day, Kim was best friends with and stylist for Paris Hilton, she was somewhat portrayed as the less important, right-hand woman of the then famous socialite. But who knew one day she would become one of the most famous women in the world. She has definitely put in a lot of hard work and despite many up and downs along the way, she has retained a positive public image and has become an inspiration to many.

As we’ve already mentioned one of her projects is beauty line KKW beauty. Kim has become somewhat an advocate of beauty trends, I mean did anyone know how to contour before she taught us how?! In this post, we look at Kim Kardashian’s beauty evolution, from her lesser-known days through to owning her own makeup line. We’re going to share some of our favourite and most iconic looks from the glam queen herself as well as some of her best tips for achieving the perfect contour, bake and highlight at home! Enjoy…


Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2005

Back in 2005, Kim opted for a more natural look, no heavy make up and flaunting her naturally tanned complexion. It’s clear to see she hadn’t discovered the art of contouring just yet! She also rocked a side fringe and layered hair, a somewhat less voluptuous style than we’re used to seeing her sport nowadays.


Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2006

Heading into 2006 she was still sporting the layered hair, tanned complexion and a heavier smoky eye. Despite being a lover of neutral tones, she opted for a smokey blue eyeshadow here to give her a real pop of colour!


Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2007

As we head into 2007 we start to see a lot more definition in her look. Less bronzer and more structure. Here Kim flaunts her rosy cheeks and we can see she has started to highlight her nose, under her eyes and above the lip line.


Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2008

In this look we can see she has a much paler complexion, the bronzer has definitely been given the boot by 2008! Again, we can see the use of highlighter under the eyes to reduce her dark circles. We can really see a big difference over the past few years in the definition and structure of her makeup, but there’s a lot more to come!



Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2009

Head into 2009 and she sports a very bronzed look, caramel highlights and a white eye pencil to make her eyes pop. This is a different look for Kim and not the typical style of makeup we expect to see. Her hair has definitely increased in length, volume and fabulousness!


Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2010

In 2010 we see a more conservative look from Miss Kardashian, a neat updo and a paler complexion than usual. She also has minimal eye makeup giving her a much more natural look.


Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2011

In 2011 we see an uber glam look from Kim, her makeup consists of complimentary tones to highlight, contour with a blush finish. She also began wearing much longer lashes, giving her a more dramatic eye look, without overloading her eyeshadow. She has glossy dark hair, which is most familiar to Kim. Kim Kardashian’s beauty evolution hits a real turning point around this time, her look has become more defined and she is becoming known for her luscious dark curls and contoured facial features.


Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2012

In 2012 she returned to a slightly lighter hair colour, softer tone for her foundation and a generally natural look. But, the long Russian lashes are still intact to give a touch of glam. We can also begin to see more definition in her brows, something that will become an integral part of her daily makeup routine!


Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2013

She continued to lighten her hair in 2013 and flaunts a golden tan. Teamed with a deep purple lip, this look is a little more dramatic than we’re used to, but she totally rocks it! Again we can see more structure in her brows, contoured cheeks and understated eye make up with her signature long lashes.


Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2014

This look is so classic, light brown hair and a soft tan, teamed with a bright red lip to make her look pop. She doesn’t wear a lot of colour very often, so it’s a nice to change to see her rocking some colour. Her hair is a lot shorter in 2014 with soft curls and subtle highlights to complement her complexion.


Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2015

Back to black, 2015. Her dark chocolate brown hair colour is back and she is still rocking a should length do. We can also see her eye makeup is a lot more dramatic here. But the use of soft browns and golds really makes it work. This look is definitely dramatic, but not over the top, the perfect look. Her lips have become more prominent and here she opts for a nude colour, again understated but dramatic. A killer combination!


Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2016

Wow! Now, this is a shocking look! In 2016 Kim Kardashian’s beauty evolution took a bold turn, influenced by her fashion designer husband, Kanye. She flaunts her fabulous new sleek hairdo. Platinum blonde strangely suits her! She has paired her hair colour, makeup tones and outfit really well to ensure the colours compliment each other and work well. This is a dramatic and different look for Kim, but boy, it works!


Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2017

In 2017 she reverts back to her natural dark chocolate brown locks and here she opts for a wet beach wave. She has now achieved the ultimate contour. Her brows are well groomed, dramatic lashes and a perfectly contoured face, oh and plump nude lips to finish off her look!


Kim Kardashian's Beauty Evolution 2018

At this year’s Met Gala Kim Kardashian’s beauty evolution takes us to a whole new level of flawless! She looked smokin’ on her way into the venue this year. Kim rocked a glamorous smokey eye, classic nude lip and her signature long, dark locks. We wonder what beauty tricks and trends she will treat us to next?!

You can see through the years Kim Kardashian’s beauty evolution has transformed her look. She has dared to try new styles and somehow manages to pull off just about anything!

Makeup Artist Mario

Ever wondered who helps Mrs KW achieve her flawless looks? Her makeup artist Mario is the man behind Kim Kardashian’s beauty evolution. He can often be spotted on her Instagram as she loves to share her makeup tutorials with her fan base.

Mario is of Albanian descent and was raised in New York. Kim and Mario first met when he did her makeup for a cover shoot back in 2008. A decade on he is still responsible for every contour, bake and nude lip Kim has flaunted since!

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The day I met @makeupbymario #2008

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KKW Beauty

Fans have been mesmerised by some of the makeup techniques he has used to enhance Kims natural beauty. Between them, the pair are responsible for many beauty trends. This led Kim Kardashian West to launch her own beauty brand, KKW Beauty to help her fans achieve the same flawless contour as herself. The brand now boasts a range of products from her contour kits to eyeshadow pallets and even fragrance. Check out one of Kim and Mario’s latest makeup tutorials below!

Leave a comment below and let us know your fave look from Kim Kardashian’s beauty evolution!

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