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Inspiring Celebrity Weight Loss Success Stories

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Celebrities can often be seen a spoilt, they lead glamorous lives and appear to have endless streams of cash to splash. But, don’t be fooled by the glitz and glam, they’re still real people and face the same daily struggles as you and me. One of which being weight. Well, let’s be honest eating out at fancy restaurants most nights can easily lead to calorie overload, whether it’s indulging on 3 courses or tipping back the bubbly. Whilst you may be fooled into thinking having $$$ means you can pay your way to your dream body, it still takes an awful lot of hard work and dedication even for celebrity weight loss success!

In this article we’re going to take a look at our favourite celebrity weight loss successes. Motivation to lose weight can come from many different places, whether it’s the desire to look good on screen, as a confidence boost or to show an ex what he’s missing after a break up, to finally giving a sh*t about your health and focusing on getting fit and leading a better lifestyle. Below we run through some inspiring celeb weight loss stories and how they achieved their dream bodies!

Mama June

mama june before after


Mama June is best known as the mother of child pageant star, Honey Boo Boo. Having undergone weight loss surgery, Mama June revealed a shocking transformation and looks much healthier and happier for it! After the surgery she made some big lifestyle changes, ridding her house of junk food and committing to an exercise regime. Her hardwork has really paid off and in a recent TV show she is giving pageanting a go herself!

Rebel Wilson

rebel wilson before after

Splash, Instagram

A few years after hitting our screens, funny woman Rebel began losing weight in 2016. By the end of the year she announced a total loss of 15kg. She even spent time at a weight loss retreat where she spent several days hiking, working out and a few massages in between! She is glowing in recent appearances and looks healthy and happy! This is one of our favourite celebrity weight loss success stories and we admire her dedication!

Khloe Kardashian

khloe kardashian before after

REX/Shutterstock/Courtesy of complex

Khloe Kardashian has often been referred to as ‘the fat one’ amongst her super famous sisters. In recent years she has become super dedicated to working out, eating right and showing the world that she has what it takes to prove the haters wrong. She often shows off her abs, toned legs and perky behind on her Instagram and she looks AMAZING! Following her own success she launched her own TV show ‘revenge body’ to help others prove their doubters wrong and get fit. She is currently carrying her first child but that hasn’t stopped her keeping fit!

Jonah Hill

jonah hill before after

Alexandra Wyman/Wire image, CPR/Backgrid

Jonah Hill has yo-yo’d somewhat with his weight, but has made a huge transformation from his biggest point. Fans will have seen his transformation on the big screen, from his early days in Superbad, Hill looks almost unrecognisable in recent film War Dogs. He says cutting beer helps him get skinny, but being a beer lover it’s easy to put the pounds back on when the beer ban is lifted!


adele before after


This tea loving brit admitted cutting out her regular 10 cups a day with 2 sugar tea routine helped her achieve her weight loss goals. She also quit smoking and had a curry ban on her tour! All of these efforts paid off and the ‘hello’ superstar is looking fabulous as ever! Whilst she never revealed her total weight loss, she certainly looks happy and healthy in recent pics!

Sam Smith

sam smith before after

Marcus/Splash news, courtesy of Sam Smith Instagram

After shooting to fame in 2015 Sam made a big effort to stay on top of his weight as he was now in the spotlight. He managed to drop 14 lbs on a super strict diet and has kept the weight off since. Whilst he sings a lot about heartbreak, the slim singer is now happy in a relationship and looking more confident than ever!

Rick Ross

rick ross before after


One of our most impressive celebrity weight loss success stories comes from Rick Ross. He has lost an astounding 85 lbs over the past 5 years and is looking much healthier in recent photos. He says more sleep, less alcohol and watching what he ate helped in achieve this huge weight loss. He’s kept the weight off ever since.

Jennifer Hudson

jennifer hudson before after


J Hud dropped a whopping 5 dress sizes during her weight loss journey and thanks her success to Weight Watchers. She since became a spokeswoman for the weight loss group and has kept off 80 lbs since revealing her new body. She is now flaunting her fabulous figure as a judge on the UK version of The Voice.

Tom Kerridge

tom kerridge before after

Andrew Crowley/BBC

Celebrity chef Tom lost an incredible 12 stone! As he hit 40 Tom’s midlife crisis lead him to a complete turn around in health, fitness and weight! He’s since released a cookbook ‘dopamine diet’ to celebrate his own achievements and to share with us just how he did it. He gave up alcohol and cut back massively on the carbs to kickstart his diet, as well as plenty of exercise and his results are just jaw dropping!

Kelly Osbourne

kelly osbourne before after


Kelly O always struggled with her weight when the family were at the peak of their fame. But in 2009 she made some major lifestyle changes and shed the pounds to reveal her tiny frame. Having dropped 70 lbs she has since kept the weight off and looks fabulous! She recently joined X Factor judge mum, Sharon as a guest judge in last years show.

Celebrity Weight Loss Success

Kickstarting your weight loss journey can sometimes be the hardest part! I’ll start my diet on Monday…sound familiar?! Our fav celebrity weight loss succeses are enough to inspire many a fitness novice to get into shape! Share your top tips for losing and maintaining weight loss below! We’d love to see your before/after photos too! If you’re looking for the perfect diet plan to keep you on the road to weight loss success, check out our full Di.et 15 day weight loss plan review.Di.et read full review

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